Our Mission

young boy in a blue wheelchair

Our Mission

We don't let mobility keep a child from reaching their full potential.

We Believe in Change

We believe that we can make a difference in the well-being, both physically, socially, and emotionally, of children with physical disabilities in our country.

  • EVERY child or young person in this country should have safe mobility and access to public transportation.
  • We WILL bring awareness to the mobility issues facing young people in our country.
  • We CAN improve the lives of children living with special needs and reduce the financial strain on their families
  • We GIVE members of our communities a way to give back and get personally involved .

“Chariots Of Love” charity provides FREE, custom-fitted wheelchairs to those through the age of 21, living in the USA, that are not insured, under-insured, or otherwise unable to obtain medically required mobility equipment. In early 2017, we also began funding wheelchair repairs for candidates that qualify under the same issues. Repairs can be a simple adjustment of lateral supports or leg supports, replacing worn headrest or armrests, replacing dead batteries in powered wheelchairs, adding a work tray, replacing worn tires, or anything else they need. As of March 2021, we have given out 148 "Gifts of Mobility" that include powered wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, gait trainers, standers, and adaptive tricycles and 31 repairs/accessories.

young boy in a black wheelchair

young girl in a blue scooter with two women

We will continue to encourage public involvement in our community’s health and well-being.

Valerie Mathieu • Founder, Chariots of Love

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