Our Mission

young boy in a blue wheelchair

Our Mission

We will continue to help children with disabilities get the mobility they deserve...

We Believe in Change

We believe that we can make a difference in the well-being, both physically, socially, and emotionally, of children with physical disabilities in our country.

  • EVERY child or young person in this country should have safe mobility and access to public transportation.
  • We WILL bring awareness to the mobility issues facing young people in our country.
  • We CAN improve the lives of children living with special needs and reduce the financial strain on their families
  • We GIVE members of our communities a way to give back and get personally involved .

“Chariots Of Love” charity provides FREE, custom-fitted wheelchairs to those under the age of 21, living in the USA, that are not insured, under-insured, or otherwise unable to obtain medically required mobility equipment. In early 2017, we also began funding wheelchair repairs for candidates that qualify under the same issues. Repairs can be a simple adjustment of lateral supports or leg supports, replacing worn headrest or armrests, replacing dead batteries in powered wheelchairs, adding a work tray, replacing worn tires, or anything else they need. As of September 2019, we have given out 100 wheelchairs valued between $500 and $16,000 and paid for repairs for 13 other wheelchairs.

young boy in a black wheelchair

young girl in a blue scooter with two women

We will continue to encourage public involvement in our community’s health and well-being.

Valerie Mathieu • Founder, Chariots of Love

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